About Me

Hi, I am Nick!

Creator of  Father of Flavour which is my cooking pseudonym and brand.

What started as a part-time passion for sharing my recipes, cooking with family and friends and managing an allotment plot, has now developed into a family run business venture creating artisan seasoning and spice blends. 

I live in Bedfordshire with my beaut of a wife Trish, four boys and two Guinea Pigs. As a family we love the outdoors. Our favourite place is always by the sea! Camping, hiking, bodyboarding and BBQs probably sums up an ideal combination of things we love to do. 

I am always asked what my favourite food is, but as a cook, it is very hard to pinpoint one thing, however, I do love Thai food. Thai food is so full of flavour. I enjoy the variety and complexity of each dish. Cooking Thai food is always a learning curve but I relish the challenge and it is always rewarding when you get a dish spot on. 

Who Doesn't Love Food?!

Seems like an odd question but some people love food and some people LOVE FOOD! I am definitely the latter and will eat pretty much anything, but, what I really love is the enjoyment that food can bring. It's not always about what you are eating but also where you are eating? Who you're eating with? What you've been doing before , during or after that meal?

For me, MEALS MEAN MEMORIES! I know right?  You are now gushing with disbelief at how good that tagline is! Anyway......You just can't beat having a good time with great food. Even if times are sad or bad, food can really help comfort you.

Honestly, it's probably something most people don't really think about but for me and my family, having a good time, celebrating an occasion, dates, having friends and family over, weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, holidays you name it, we tend to plan some really great food to suit those occasions and I really believe it makes a massive difference in turning those moments into a great memory!

Seasonings & Spices

My passion for cooking lives in my ability to create food that is full of depth and flavour. If you take a bite of something I've cooked and your eyes aren't rolling in the back of your head from all the euphoria you've got going on in your mouth then i'll be a very sad person! I get a big kick out of making something my family and friends really enjoy eating and when they ask you for more, or the recipe, you know you're onto a winner.

I blend seasonings and spices all the time when I'm cooking. We typically do not buy any ready made seasonings to cook with, I find that what you get in the shops is all a bit 'samey' I don't see anyone doing anything different or at least putting a twist on a classic seasoning blend. Some of the big brand products out there also contain fillers and other non spice or herb based ingredients - Just check out the ingredients list next time you go shopping!

I decided to start curating a range of seasoning / spice blends based on ingredients used in particular parts of the world. For example my KOMODO blend features ingredients used in cooking  in and around SouthEast Asia, think Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia.

My goal is to create blends with a more unique flavour profile that can be used in many different ways whether it's to season food, a base for a sauce or marinade. My blends are ideal for any home cook or professional chef to use. Even if you are less confident in the kitchen, this website has a great library of recipes, many of which will feature some of these seasoning and spice blends. Stick with the Father of Flavour for your cooking journey and you won't go wrong!

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