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BBQ is one of our all time loves! There is something for everyone in this section. Get ready to have some of the best BBQ's you have ever had!

Plant Based

Easy, delicious and inspiring vegan recipe ideas. From alternative classics to new modern dishes.

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From classics to the quick, easy and cheap. Family faves are always cooked from scratch with the freshest ingredients. You will never reach for a microwave meal again.



Our Komodo seasoning blend is packed full of punchy south east asian flavours.


Sweet and earthy middle eastern blend, perfect for Shawarma inspired recipes.


A fiery blend of chilli's with a savoury undertone. Not for the faint hearted.


Herb heavy blend for that distinctive & recognisable mediterranean flavour.


Sweet and moorish chinese spice blend reminiscent of peking flavour.


Hot and spicy blend with an uplift of tropical fruit and citrus flavours.


Sweet, garlic, herby paprika based blend with subtle smokey hints.


The almighty allrounder. A seasoning blend that lifts the flavour of any savoury dish .

Featured Recipes

Roasted Root Veg & Halloumi

Perfect for veggie Mondays, delicious, easy and cheap. A medley of root veg and halloumi roasted in a pesto sauce.

Toad in your hole

A british classic, family fave! Simple and on budget. This one never fails.

Chocolate Bark

A great one to make with the kids, or for others as a gift at christmas. Chocolate bark is the ultimate skill free luxury recipe. 

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Hi i'm Nick creator for Father of Flavour which is my cooking pseudonym and brand.  I am a husband and father based in Bedfordshire, creating and cooking is my passion which I share through this website and social media accounts. I have recently developed a range of seasoning spice blends along with recipes on how to use them. Head over to the About page to find out more about this journey. Check out our library of recipes and visit the store to purchase our seasoning spice blends.

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